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60,000 Chinese Soldiers to Reforest 84,000 km2

Asia Times has published some surprising news: the Chinese government is sending 60,000 soldiers to replant 84,000 km2 of forests in 2018. To give you an idea, that’s the size of Ireland! The goal is to go from 21% of forest area to 23% in 2018 and fight the country’s heavy pollution.

Hebei Province wants to go even further. Located around Beijing, the target is to extend forest cover to 35% by 2020 to help purify the capital of the smoke, smog and dust that cover both Beijing and a large part of the northern regions in winter.

We would be right to say that this measure is not enough to compensate for China’s heavy pollution and its standing as the country that emits the most greenhouse gases in the world. However, it is a notable first step that demonstrates that China does not simply participate in important meetings but is resolved to meet its COP21 commitments.

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Published on 19 April 2018