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A villa where wood mixes with concrete

In the Alicante Province in Spain, the Sardinera House stands out with its stark cubic architecture. The big difference between the western and eastern façades are what really catch the eye. On one side, the villa is open and practically transparent to give a full view of the turquoise blue sea, but, on the other side, it is covered in vertical slats facing east to protect the occupants from the prying eyes of passers-by. Architect Ramón Esteve explains that this mountainside villa has “several areas to look out on the sea”, both inside and outside.
One of this construction’s specificities lies in the choice of materials. The architect played with a subtle assembly of wood and concrete. These two materials are often combined due to their colors. The concrete is white, and the solid Accoya wood has been whitewashed.


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Published on 25 May 2018