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Discover nature in a center made from local wood

The Îles-de-Boucherville National Park, which offers great outdoor experiences just minutes away from downtown-Montreal, is now equipped with a new discovery and services center designed by Smith Vigeant Architectes.

The center is both the main welcoming point for visitors of the park and a showcase building for Sepaq, the network of national parks in Quebec. Entirely made of local wood, the center confirms Sepaq’s commitment to be an ambassador of wood construction excellence and Smith Vigeant

Architectes’ expertise in wood construction design.

The conceptual quality of this project is the result of an integrated design process and active collaboration between the architects, engineers and Sepaq’s team. The center invites visitors on a discovery of nature and provides a place for social interaction. The architecture respects and reflects its environment as the building achieves high standards of environmental performance and was designed to fit harmoniously within the site.

The buildings undulated edges were carefully placed to minimize tree cutting, and encourage visitors to wander around and progressively discover the space. The fluid motion is accentuated by a textured veil: a succession of wooden slats overlapping the siding all around the building. This cladding also acts as a light filter and produces shadows dancing across the ground, reminding of the willows’ foliage. Inside, a curvy channel-like recess on the ceiling and a skylight bring in natural light and enhances natural ventilation. The architectural composition is all tied-in together by a glass curtain wall which offers direct views of the parks from the inside and reflecting nature on the tainted glass outside.

The discovery and services center of the Îles-de-Boucherville National Park has been awarded by the prestigious American Architecture Prize and is currently in competition for other architecture and design awards.


Awards & Rewards

The Canadian Green Building Awards 2018
The Canadian Wood Council’s Wood Design&Building Award 2018
The American Architecture Prize 2017
The Sustainable Development Award and Use of Wood Award at the Grands Prix du Design 2018


Data Sheet
Services and Discovery Center of Îles-de-Boucherville National Park

Location: Boucherville, QC
Budget: 3.5 M$
Project occupation date: June 2017
Area: 510 m2/5490 ft2
Client: SEPAQ
Architects: Smith Vigeant Architectes Inc.
Engineers: WSP and Bouthillette Parizeau
Landscape Architect: BC2
General Contractor: Construction R. Bélanger
Project Manager: Daniel Smith
Architecture Team Members: Stéphan Vigeant, Anik Malderis, Cindy Neveu, Mariana Segui, Maxime Varin
Photographer: Adrien Williams
Source : V2com

Published on 19 July 2018