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Strasbourg pulsates with Sensations

Located in the Deux-rives neighborhood in Strasbourg, the “Îlot bois” (wood block) is a showcase for the ecological city under construction. One of its latest developments is now emerging, an unprecedented project composed of 146 housing units made entirely from wood. Dubbed “Sensations”, this building optimizes the use of wood that is present throughout its structure through to the core of its vertical circulations, while reaching a height so far unequaled in France. Developed by Bouygues Immobilier, it is designed by KOZ architects and built by Eiffage construction.

From the ground surfaces to ceilings, from floors to facades and through to elevator shafts, the operation is virtually 100% wood.

Only the flights of stairs and the ground floor level are in concrete, for regulatory reasons. These features make this building the first of its kind in France. Sensations also beats a height record: with its 11-storey structure rising to 38 meters from its base, the building becomes the highest with a 100% wood structure built in France to date. The facades, stairwells, lifts, and floors are made of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, combined with a post and beam structure in glulam.

In the event of an earthquake, the whole structure guarantees the stability of this building located in a seismic zone. This structural principle allows the building to be energetically passive. With heating needs that will not exceed 15 kWh/habitable sq.m/year, it meets the requirements of the passive energy building label (BEPAS), whose level of performance exceeds that of the current thermal regulations. After delivery, it aims to obtain the low carbon building label (BBCA). Under this label, the project would attain the level equivalent to Excellence. Future inhabitants will enjoy cost-efficient thermal comfort thanks to the use of a reversible floor making it possible to cover heating needs in winter while also ensuring cooling in summer. In winter, a geothermal heat pump captures the natural energy of the Rhine water table and restores it through the heated floor screed. It can also preheat the domestic hot water. Another feature is a collective gas condensing boiler, which recovers the water vapor contained in the flue gases and uses it to preheat the water of the heating network. In summer, the “Natural Cooling” system allows the soil to transmit its freshness and lower the air temperature. Thanks to this method, the energy consumption of occupants is ultimately reduced compared to a conventional air conditioning system.

Finally, the indoor air quality of apartments is enhanced by use of low pollutant materials covering walls, ceilings, and floors. False ceilings eliminate 80% of the main volatile organic compounds, while wall paints are classified as A+ with low solvent emissions and floor coverings feature mostly natural and recyclable materials.

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Published on 19 July 2018