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The large horizontals

This residence was inspired by the majestic panorama of the St. Lawrence estuary visible from the rocky cape where it was deposited. Discrete street side, but completely open to the river, this house located on a steep gradient unfolds towards the horizon.

The spatial organization of the rooms is articulated according to an inverted plan where the rooms, designed according to a model of suites, are located on the ground floor. Constructed on concrete, they are anchored in the topography. On the ground floor, living rooms dressed in light wood follow one another in a series of volumes of various heights that allow to delimit the uses. The dining room, airy and windowed, is detached from the main body to fly to the horizon. The massive and vertical concrete chimneys offer a striking contrast with the transparency of the openings and the lightness of the cantilevered volumes of wood. The large horizontals are unveiled to emphasize the landscape.



Technical information

Official name: Les Grandes Horizontales
Location: Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, Québec, Canada
Site area: 490 m²
End of the project: 2017
Architects: Thellend Fortin Architectes
Photo credits: Charles Lanteigne
Source: V2com

Published on 16 November 2018