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Woodrise Festival brings wood to the city with great results!

Co-hosted by FCBA, CODEFA and Xylofutur, the Woodrise Festival was attended by over 1,500 professionals and members of the general public.
The 37-event line-up included technical conferences, construction site visits, a 2CV rally, wooden dress fashion shows, a maracatu concert, exhibitions, interactive building workshops, and more.

The festival’s aim was to keep the momentum of the Woodrise 2017 conference going among local and international professionals while raising public awareness on wood, resource management and construction.

Professional standpoint

Lectures were sold out for the most part and attended by groups of between 60 and 120 people. The range of topics discussed was very varied, and allowed a high number of industry professionals to raise key issues. The emphasis was on areas including: quality of life and timber construction; the place of wood in the cities of the future; the use of local eco-materials in building; carbon storage in forests; useful tools for apprentices; earthquakes and vibration; the unveiling of a new timber construction engineering tool; and the search for solutions to meet the challenges of mineral-based coatings on timber.

A dynamic, one-of-a-kind 2CV rally also took place which served as a meeting point for the sector and provided an opportunity for participants to gain an insight into the very diverse timber industry, as well as to network and exchange ideas thanks to a series of workshops and quizzes.

New signatories to the Woodrise Alliance

On October 12, ten new signatories signed the Multilateral Co-operation Memorandum for the International Development of Wood and Bio-Sourced Material Usage for the Construction or Renovation of Zero-Carbon, Efficient and Resilient Buildings, which was first launched on September 14, 2017. There are now signatories from eleven different countries, including Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Spain, Finland, France, Japan, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland, as well as from three European organizations: CEI-Bois, EOS-OES and InnovaWood.

Public standpoint

The Festival was a resounding success at the Maison Ecocitoyenne. The activities on Bordeaux’s quays attracted a steady stream of visitors and included an exhibition on the New Aquitaine region’s tree species, timber housing, a distribution of small maritime pines, as well as workshops on cabin building, totem-pole making, Kapla assembly, not to mention a Mölkky competition (Finnish 12-pin throwing game), a 3D sawmill experience and a journey through of the ‘Forest of Dreams’. The maracatu concert and the wooden dress fashion show were also wildly successful.

In addition to the activities that took place in the square, several groups of about twenty people took part in a rally throughout the city, as well as visits to a restored forest canopy, the Port of Bordeaux (showcasing the timber sector and Bassens facilities) and the city’s stunning tree-lined Public Garden.
Three lectures given at the Maison Ecocitoyenne were attended by groups of approximately ten people and included topics such as Forest trivia, Wood and the future of the city and Giving wood a second life.

A strong turn out

A big thank you to the three financial backers, 12 sponsors (including four major donors) and 26 festival partners who made this festival possible!

What’s next?

Woodrise will continue to shine in 2019 with the Rencontres Woodrise in Geneva from January 30 to February 2, the International Conference at Quebec City Convention Center in Canada from September 20 to October 3 (website link) and in Bordeaux again next year where the next edition will feature many more exciting events.


Published on 28 November 2018