DIRECCTE Aquitaine
DIRECCTE Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France)
Public service in the region, the DIRECCTE Nouvelle-Aquitaine is turned towards the companies and the socio-economic actors. The target audiences are business leaders, employees, social partners, jobseekers, consumers, professional branches and sectors … The objective is to set up a regionalized organization, simpler and more legible, to improve the performance of public action throughout the national territory.




Xylofutur (France)
The Xylofutur association is structured around a Board of Directors. With the implementation of its new 2014-2018 roadmap, Xylofutur aims to consolidate its role as a “project factory”, to become a “product / service factory of the future” and a “growth plant” by transforming the collaborative efforts of R & D into innovative products, processes and services put on the market to create business and jobs, to support economic actors and in particular SMEs in the following areas: access markets and private financing, internationalization and the anticipation of skills needs.