Woodrise Alliance

The WoodRise Alliance is a grouping of organisations whose aim is to form a global network on innovation and research and development to improve and promote medium to high rise timber buildings.

The Alliance represents a commitment for each of its members to collaborate at a global level, in order to exchange on low-carbon construction and the harmonious development of urban and rural territories.

Formalised on 14 September 2017, during the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) WoodRise Congress, it originally included three co-organisers:

  • FCBA (France)
  • FPInnovations (Canada)
  • Building Research Institute (Japan).

Today, it includes 24 official representatives from 15 different countries.

  • Europe and European countries: 16
  • North America: 3 (2 Canada and 1 USA)
  • Asia: 4 (Japan 3 and China 1) => Asia: 4
  • South America: 1 Brazil

In addition, three types of organizations are members of the WRA, with a fairly balanced proposrtion between them :

  • Training units and organizations : 7
  • Technical centers and public and private research institutes : 11
  • Associations and professional groups : 6

The WoodRise Alliance and its members have set themselves the objective of contributing to the promotion and
enhancement of wood construction, particularly in medium and high-rise buildings, by strengthening their technological collaborations through joint research and development projects and by making their work and results known at events such as WoodRise international congresses and conferences and WoodRise territorial meetings.

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